Big Cage

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According to an ancient legend, thousands of years ago a group of goblins had to flee the Northern Forests from a dangerous peril that threatened them. Thanks to their brotherhood with the angels, they were given beautiful spherical pendants containing silver sparks of light, and whenever they felt in danger all they had to do was shake the ball and the angels would come and protect them. These are the "Angel Callers" or "Llamadores de Ángeles" in Spanish.

This exceptional one is a "cage", which at the end is a caller that can be opened to introduce the brass sphere. On top of it there's a zirconia to give a special touch.

The sound that comes from the sphere is soft and harmonious, it is a beautiful pendant with a nice meaning that can be by your side not only to protect you but to make you look special.

From the zirconia, the cage is 2.2 cm long and including the hook it is 3.8 cm. The body of the cage is 1.8 cm tall.

The chain is sold separately.


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